Emergency Ophthalmologist in Sunrise/South Florida

As a highly experienced emergency ophthalmologist in South Florida, Dr. Elise Leonard provides expert emergency eye care. Patients can visit our ophthalmology practice for immediate, reliable care for urgent eye injuries and conditions. Your vision should never be left to chance, and Dr. Leonard will ensure that you’re taken care of after any eye emergency.

Emergency Eye Care in Sunrise

There are many different types of accidents and injuries that may require emergency care. The eyes are delicate and susceptible to permanent damage, so you should never hesitate to visit Dr. Leonard in an emergency.
Patients Optomap Retinal Exam Sunrise

Examples of instances in which you should visit an emergency ophthalmologist in Sunrise include:

  • Chemical eye burn
  • Sudden onset loss of vision
  • Sudden onset blurry vision
  • Scratched eye
  • Flashes of light
  • Eye bleeding
  • Eye bruising
  • Foreign objects in the eye

Other symptoms that may require emergency eye care include:

  • Eye floaters (spots in vision)
  • Eye pain
  • Headaches
  • Foreign body sensation (the feeling of having something in your eye)
  • Light sensitivity

In any eye emergency, it’s in your best interest to receive eye care immediately. Without prompt care from an expert emergency ophthalmologist, an eye injury could lead to vision loss and, in severe cases, blindness. Additionally, don’t rub your eyes, try to remove foreign objects, or apply medications to your eye before first consulting your ophthalmologist.

In an eye emergency, there’s no reason to risk your vision. Visit Dr. Elise Leonard in South Florida to receive emergency eye care for sudden eye injuries and concerns. With Dr. Leonard’s expertise and caring approach, you can trust that the health of your eyes is in excellent hands.

Our office features advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure proper treatment for a broad range of eye conditions. No matter your vision emergency, Dr. Leonard will ensure that you receive top-caliber care to restore the health of your eyes.

Emergency Ophthalmologist Care in South Florida

Dr. Elise Leonard has been serving as an emergency ophthalmologist in South Florida since 1982. Dr. Leonard and the entire staff at our practice in Sunrise will ensure that you receive treatment for an eye emergency efficiently. The enduring health of your eyes is our utmost priority, and we provide the highest quality care for each of our patients. 

Visit our office today to receive prompt, caring service from our professional staff. As an emergency ophthalmologist in Sunrise, Dr. Elise Leonard will protect your vision and the long-term health of your eyes.