Better Screening

You’ll Be Personally Evaluated and Counseled
Choosing the appropriate Lifestyle Lens is a key element in ensuring you will have a good outcome.  At our office, you’ll be screened by one of our experienced vision correction technicians, and then evaluated and counseled by Dr. Leonard about options that will best suit your needs.

Better Results

You’ll Receive a Personalized Outcomes Chart
When you’re deciding to have surgery on your eyes, you want to know what you can expect. Many surgeons tell you their general results, but most don’t offer specific information about their results with people just like you…and most won’t put it in writing. Whatever lens implant you’re considering, we’ll provide specific information about your likelihood of living glasses-free for many daily tasks after cataract surgery. No guessing. No generalities. Just the actual data to help you make an informed decision.  Our Lens Results

Advanced Technology
Dr. Leonard is experienced with and offers all intraocular implant options, including presbyopia and astigmatism correcting lenses, so you will have the opportunity to choose the lens that best suits your lifestyle.

Better Experience

Warm, Personal Facility
Our facility was designed specifically for vision correction and it’s all we do. You’ll notice the difference in the reception lounge and exam rooms. Stop by and see for yourself.

Expert Staff
Dr. Leonard will personally handle your exams and surgery. We’re a unique office with individualized care. We’ll treat you like family.