How will Dr. Leonard treat your cataract?

Unfortunately, a cataract cannot be cleared by medication, eye drops or a change in diet. The only way to restore clear vision is to have the cloudy cataract lens removed and a clear replacement implanted. Virtually all patients today choose to have an artificial lens implanted to replace the cloudy lens. It gives you a permanent focusing device for the eye which most closely replicates your natural vision, after surgical healing.

When should cataract surgery be performed?

A cataract should be removed when loss of vision begins to interfere with your daily activities. You may often hear friends or family members say their cataract isn’t “ripe” yet, and that’s why they haven’t had it removed. There is really no such thing as a “ripe” cataract. What this really means is that the level of cloudiness or hardness has not progressed to a stage that daily activities such as driving, glare, seeing well at night or in bright sunlight, reading, or feeling colors and outlines are sharp, have been affected. As soon as you notice those symptoms are impacting your daily enjoyment, it is time to have your cataract removed.

How is cataract surgery performed?

Our surgery is performed in an out-patient surgery center. You will be there approximately 3 hours on surgery day, but the actual procedure itself takes about 15 minutes. Before surgery, you will be given medication to help you relax, and anesthetic eye drops to numb your eye and keep it comfortable. You will return home a few hours after the procedure with little or no need for pain medication.